New Kitchen

This 13 x 18 kitchen was two smaller rooms with different ceiling heights. The new kitchen features quartz countertops (less maintenance than granite), full 3/4″ thickness cherry hardwood flooring, marble basket-weave backsplash, stainless steel tiles behind commercial gas cooktop, and storage space out the wazoo. Click on any picture below to launch this gallery.

3 thoughts on “New Kitchen

  1. Lisa, yes, there are some differences between quartz and granite, but they are comparable in price, and both granite and quartz are beautiful countertop surfaces. Granite is a slab of rock that is pulled from a mountain and then cut & polished, wheras a quartz countertop starts out as crystals and other materials that are formed into a slab through a manufacturing process and then polished. Granite is somewhat porous and typically requires some re-sealing. Some people want to re-seal their granite annually and some wait to re-seal them in three or five years. The quartz doesn’t require re-sealing because it is essentially not porous.

    Granite is sold on a scale of Level 1 to Level 4, ranging in cost these days, depending on the supplier, from about $50/square foot to $90/square foot. The levels are all about availability (supply & demand) and how rare the coloration is. So, if you love something in a Level 1 or Level 2, you will save money.

    Quartz is sold on a scale of A through F, ranging in cost, depending on the supplier, from about $55/square foot to $100/square foot. Again, the scale is all about availability/rarity and not about performance or quality.

    Because granite is a slab of rock pulled from the earth, the coloration varies more than quartz from piece to piece or even section to section in the same piece. Seams are sometimes harder to match up in granite than quartz because of the variations in granite, but many folks prefer the variations. That is a matter of taste.

    I hope this information helps.
    Joe Angel / List Finishers

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