Just about everybody has a list of things they want to get done at their house.

Many people are aware of projects and smaller items that aren’t getting done, week after week, month after month. Sometimes it’s because the items seem too small for calling in a contractor. For example, Susan K. is missing a couple of moldings along the floor in her powder room, and she has a bedroom door that sticks and doesn’t close properly. She thinks it isn’t enough work to call in a carpenter. Her husband can get to those when he has time. She also has one room she wants to re-paint. That doesn’t seem like enough to call in a painter; she’s a decent painter and she’ll tackle the room herself when she has time. Susan also has some landscaping she wants to do in her backyard, and she’d like some shelves in the garage to help her organize, and some pictures hung…

Make a list of everything YOU have been wanting to do. Call the List Finishers (610-762-2103) for a free, no-obligation estimate. Then pick the items you want completed, or have your entire list finished. It’s a great feeling to get things off your list and move forward!

List Finishers, LLC, has the skills, experience, and equipment to tackle small items such as replacing door knobs, patching drywall, or installing moldings, and medium-sized jobs such as installing hardwood floors, replacing doors, or painting and upgrading existing rooms, and larger projects such as removing partition walls and bearing walls (replacing with beams and girders) to open up your floor plan and customize your living space, or finishing the basement…

What’s on YOUR list?

List Finishers is a residential remodeling and repair company owned and operated by carpenter/architect/designer Joe Angelitis.

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History of List Finishers, LLC:

Owner / Operator Joe Angelitis has been involved with the construction trades for 30-plus years. After learning carpentry and woodworking from his father who was a union hardwood floor installer and artistic woodworker, Joe entered the world of high-speed residential house framing in Southern New Jersey in 1983. Joe worked his way up through the ranks from carpenter to lead carpenter to foreman, and then to self-employed contractor.

Joe augmented his daily field experiences with careful study of construction and remodeling techniques, and taught construction and building trades for an SDA (Service Delivery Area) of the PA Department of Labor, and for the U.S. Navy Seabees Construction Battalion 21.

Some of Joe’s colleagues have asked why he bothers with small jobs and lists of small items. “It’s a great way to meet new customers,” says Joe. “Some people have been procrastinating with their to-do lists for years. My crew and I come in and complete bunches of items in a day or two, and the customers wonder why they waited so long to get their list done. It’s a great feeling to have items DONE and cleared off the list. The new customers see what we can do and get to know us. That leads to the medium and larger projects. It’s the way we’ve been operating for over 30 years.”


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  1. List Finishers has transformed my house! My husband and I could not be happier with the quality of work Joe and his crew have provided. From the smaller jobs, such as clearing out our rain gutters to the bigger job of remodeling our out-of-date bathroom, List Finishers was neat and professional and took care of our list. Highly recommend!

  2. Joe redid my entire basement and it came out perfect. Now my kids have a place to play and we have the much needed extra half bath. Joe put alot of time and attention to detail to make it just what we wanted.

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