On time, clean, courteous....

On time, clean, courteous…

Since 1987,  the List Finishers have been completing “to-do lists” of home repairs, home maintenance, and home renovations, from “punchlist” items to new kitchens and baths to additions and custom homes.

Recently the List Finishers have moved their headquarters to Shillington, PA and are primarily concentrating on the Shillington and Wyomissing PA area, though they also do projects in the Pocono Mountains, PA because they have family and friends up there!

Below is a partial list of the types of work that the List Finishers are currently scheduling:

Small projects on the exterior of your house:

*install a new mailbox post

*Clean out the rain gutters

*Install new shutters

*Install a new doorbell that lights at night

*Clean all the windows, outside and inside!

*Cut down small trees

*Build additions to sheds, such as firewood boxes (We rarely build sheds; it’s more cost-effective to have a pre-fab shed delivered.)

*Pressure-wash the mold & mildew from your siding or foundation

*Eliminate cracks in exterior stucco walls or foundation walls with a proprietary re-surfacing process.

Small items on the interior of your house:

*Build custom shelving

*Patch drywall cracks, holes, and other defects so that you can’t tell where they were

*Install new door knobs

*Install new doors

*Install missing moldings

*Hang pictures and other decorations

*Clean the insides of windows!

*Paint doors

*Install curtain rods and blinds

Medium Jobs, Exterior:

*Repair decks

*Build new deck steps

*Build a small deck

*Cut down medium-sized trees

*Paint all the exterior trim

*Paint the exterior of your home

*Fence-in a vegetable garden

Medium Jobs, Interior:

*Install hardwood floors

*Install vinyl plank flooring

*Paint rooms

*Build custom shelving

*Install pull-down attic stairs (after cutting an opening)

*Remove walls or add walls

*Design and do complete room makeovers

Larger Projects:

*Remove partition walls or bearing walls (replace bearing walls with beams and girders) to open up the floor plan and customize your living space.

*Finish basements

*Build decks

*Build vacation cottages and cabins

*Build additions


610-762-2103 (Joe’s cell phone) (email)

3 thoughts on “Services

  1. I used Joe’s List Finishers 3 years ago to do hardwood flooring. It was a wonderful experience for me and my family. The work was done highly professionally. Joe is very peculiar when it comes to his profession. I will go back to List Finishers for my future needs and will certainly recommend him to anyone. Good luck, Joe!

    • Hello Joe Paul and Family! Thanks for the testimonial. I think you meant to say that I’m very “particular” about my profession, but maybe I am very peculiar too, haha!! Have a warm and prosperous 2013!

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